Natalie Day

Knowledge Exchange, Policy & Partnerships Manager at University of Sheffield

Knowledge Exchange, Policy & Partnerships Manager, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield

Natalie Day is Knowledge Exchange, Policy & Partnerships Manager in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. She was formerly the Head of Strategy and Communications at SPRU, University of Sussex. Before taking up this post she worked as Head of Policy at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, where she was responsible for establishing the School as a leading source of policy-relevant research on global challenges and opportunities. Through enabling stronger connections between academics and policy makers, Natalie worked to promote evidence based decision making globally and foster networks for robust exchange and advice.

Prior to joining the SPRU, Natalie was a Senior Policy Adviser in the Royal Society’s Science Policy Centre, where she led an ambitious project studying the changing landscape of science and innovation in the Islamic world. As part of this project, Natalie was lead researcher on a comprehensive study of the state of science in Malaysia. Natalie also managed a programme focused on building capacity in African science academies in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania as well as contributing to broader analysis of global science and innovation networks. Natalie was previously a Senior Researcher at the UK think tank, Demos, specialising in global innovation policy, with publications including ‘Knowledge Nomads’ – focusing on the UK’s ability to attract and retain talent.

An Australian national, Natalie has also served as a Senior Ministerial Adviser to the Treasurer in the Government of Victoria as well as working to foster Asia-Australia engagement at the University of Melbourne. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Media Studies) and a Masters in Business Administration.