Professor Nigel Smart

Professor, Department of Computer Science at University of Bristol

Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol

Professor Nigel Smart is a professor in the Department of Science at the University of Bristol, and is best known for his work on Elliptic curve cryptography and Pairing-based cryptography. Alongside his teaching commitments, Professor Smart primary research interest is Cryptography.

He is a member of The Cryptography and Information Security Group, which forms part of the Bristol Security Centre, an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. The group conducts research into cryptography, the underlying hard problems on which it is based and the hardware and software needed to implement secure systems. The group has particular interest in techniques for proving security of cryptographic systems, the efficient implementation of such systems on small computing devices and the verification that such implementations do what they say they do. It is also interested in security auditing and computer forensics. The group is responsible for the teaching of all Information Security units across the University of Bristol.