Dr Nikku Madhusudhan

University Lecturer in Astrophysics at Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

University Lecturer in Astrophysics, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

Dr Nikku Madhusudhan is a University Lecturer in Astrophysics, in the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge. His research interests include understanding the atmospheres, interiors, geophysical processes, and formation conditions of exoplanets, or planets orbiting other stars. He is widely known for pioneering the inverse techniques to measure atmospheric properties of exoplanets based on their atmospheric spectra observed using a wide array of observational facilities in space and from ground. His other notable studies include estimations of chemical compositions of exoplanetary atmospheres and interiors, and using them to investigate the formation mechanisms of exoplanets.

Before taking up his post here at Cambridge, Dr Madhusudhan held postdoctoral positions at MIT, Princeton, and Yale (where he was the YCAA Prize Postdoctoral Fellow). He has a BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, and an MS and PhD from MIT.