Dr Nikoleta Jones

Senior Lecturer at Global Sustainability Institute

Senior Lecturer, Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), Anglia Ruskin University

Dr Nikoleta Jones is a Senior Lecturer at the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), Anglia Ruskin University. She is leader of the Ecosystem Services research theme at the GSI and is also PI of the 5 year project FIDELIO which will explore social impacts and ecosystem services of Protected Areas, funded by a European Research Council starting grant. Before joining the GSI, Dr Jones was a Lecturer at the Open University (Department of Geography) and a Marie Curie Research fellow at the University of Birmingham (School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences).

Dr Jones’ research work focuses on the interactions of society with the environment. She has done extensive research on how certain social factors influence individuals’ environmental awareness and behavior along with perceptions for proposed environmental policies. Through the project FIDELIO, Dr Jones and the research team will aim to explore if perceptions for Protected Areas can be predicted considering the provision of Ecosystem Services and the socio-ecological context where a Protected Area is established. Dr Jones has also done research on economic valuation of natural resources and environmental management of organisations.

Dr Jones is an expert in analysing social data using mainly quantitative techniques. Her work has been published in over 40 academic journals such as Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Conservation Biology, Journal of Environmental Management, Ecological Economics and Journal of Cleaner Production. She has been involved in the writing of successful research grants which since 2009, collectively have raised over €2.3 million in external research funding. She is currently co-supervising 7 PhD students and has supervised over 30 masters dissertations.