Dr Nuno Alves

Co-founder at Innovation Forum

Co-founder, Innovation Forum
Research Associate, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge

Nuno Alves studied for his PhD in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge , where his clinical research focused on regeneration of nerves after injuries in the central nervous system. This project resulted in a new clinical patented treatment to reverse the low ability for nerves to regenerate.

He is also passionate about new innovative ways to make, communicate and improve science through a knowledge exchange and synergy of academic, industry and governmental resources.

During his time at the University of Cambridge he co-founded Cambridge Squared, a technologic consultancy and a catalyst for innovation and solutions that draws its power through a novel crowd sourcing approach to link academic excellence with commercial need. He also co-founded Innovation Forum, a student-led initiative that seeks to foster interaction between these sectors and connect innovative mind across disciplines that currently has expanded internationally and counts branches in six countries.

Nuno comes from Portugal and has lived in five different countries before starting his PhD at Cambridge. During that time he has worked in different companies/organizations and learned new ways to improve and drive medical and economic advances.