Pilgrim Beart

Founder at AlertMe.com Ltd

Founder, AlertMe.Com Ltd

Pilgrim Beart has founded or co-founded several Cambridge start-ups: AlertMe.com Ltd (Web 2.0 internet appliance), antenova Ltd (novel solid-state antenna technology), and activeRF Ltd (location technology).

A leader in Smart Home innovation, AlertMe provides an "in-home command and control" platform, establishing real time two-way communication that connects the user to their home wherever they are. It provides a single seamless platform for energy, security, home appliance and device control that is open and expandable.

Prior to this, Pilgrim worked in integrated circuit and system software design roles in high-tech start-ups in the US (Silicon Valley) and the UK (Cambridge and Oxford). He has a keen interest in revolutionary science and technology. Current interests include machine learning and emergent behaviour. He lists his specialties as creating high-technology companies, R&D and Intellectual Property creation and protection.