Dr Ricarda Kather

Statistical Officer, Education Data Division, School Performance Data Unit at Department for Education

Statistical Officer, Education Data Division, School Performance Data Unit, Department of Education
BBSRC-Funded CSaP Policy Intern (November 2012 - January 2013)

Read about Ricarda's experience as a Policy Intern here.

Since 2013, Ricarda has worked at the Department of Education in Sheffield. She completed a MBiolSci in Zoology at the University of Sheffield in 2009 before being offered a BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD studentship at the University researching into honey bee diseases. Her work focused mainly on honey bee nestmate recognition, as well as the spread of the Varroa mite within bee hives. She worked in collaboration with her industrial partners, the East-Anglian Beekeepers and the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera).

During her internship at CSaP, Ricarda carried out a study of the Policy Fellowships, examining the impact the Programme is having on both Policy Fellows and the academics they meet with. Her findings will be used to help improve delivery of the Programme and the Policy Fellow experience.

Ricarda is a registered STEM Ambassador and helps to run science workshops for schools. She also gives a number of talks to beekeepers across the country about her research.