Rohini Chaturvedi

Research Associate at Department of Geography, University of Cambridge


Research Associate, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Rohini is presently working on an Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) project on Research into Use, a collaboration between the Department of Geography and CSaP. In the current context of increasing emphasis on research impacts, ESPA is seeking to promote approaches that enhance the use of research into policy and practice. Through a structured review of literature and case studies from different sectors, this project will compile learning from existing experience, which can support Research into Use in ESPA’s current and future projects.

Rohini has recently completed her PhD, also at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research looked at forest federalism in India and focused on negotiations between Government of India and State governments on accommodation of environment and development interests in conservation policy. This research builds on several years of research and consulting experience covering a range of environment and governance issues in India, including payments for ecosystem services and incentive based mechanisms for conservation, participatory natural resource governance, eco-development in and around protected areas, rural poverty and livelihoods, decentralised governance and tribal self-determination, as well as access to justice and the right to information.

  • Projects

    Understanding How Research Is Put Into Use

    A review of good practice examples of how to translate research into practice in order to promote the sustainable management of natural resources and to allieviate poverty.