Sarah Hafner

Research Fellow at ZHAW School of Engineering


Research Fellow, ZHAW School of Engineering; Visiting Research Fellow, Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University

Sarah is currently a research fellow at the ZHAW School of Engineering, where she investigates decentralised energy system transitions, applying system dynamics modelling. She is also a visiting research fellow at the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) at Anglia Ruskin University (UK) and contributed for example to the BEIS-funded research project ‘Economics of Energy Innovation and System Transition’.
Sarah has a background in economics (MSc) and system dynamics (MSc). Sarah’s ESRC-funded PhD investigated policy interventions to scale-up green finance into renewable energy infrastructure and the related macroeconomic implications thereof, using an own developed system dynamics energy-economy model.

Prior to her PhD, Sarah has worked at the Swiss Statistical Office and the German ‘Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)’. She has also held a position as lecturer at the Department of Economics and International Business at Anglia Ruskin University.

Her key research interests include: Climate Economics; energy-economy modelling; sustainable finance; energy transition research; energy innovation; system dynamics; complexity and systems thinking; socio-technical frameworks