Dr Sarah Moller

Knowledge Exchange and Research Fellow at University of York

Knowledge Exchange and Research Fellow

Air pollution was classified by the United Nations Environment Programme as the world’s worst environmental health risk and is projected to become the top environmental cause of mortality worldwide by 2050, ahead of dirty water and lack of sanitation. The profile of air pollution as an issue in the UK has also been increasing over the past decade generating significant interest across Government in understanding the causes, drivers, and impacts of air pollution as well as in finding solutions. A key requirement for this is access to the best scientific evidence available to inform policy decisions.

Through a role jointly funded by a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Knowledge Exchange Fellowship and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) I am working to increase the impact of NERC air quality science through liaison between the atmospheric science research community, NERC, and Defra. I identify opportunities for and enable engagement in research co-design and delivery. I advise on strategic evidence needs for air quality science and policy and facilitate the communication of relevant NERC research to the Defra Air Quality teams. I also manage the Defra Air Quality Expert Group working with the Defra Air Quality teams to develop the group’s work programme and to ensure that advice from this group is communicated effectively to policy teams, Ministers, and the Defra Chief Scientific Adviser so it can be used appropriately to inform air quality policy.

I am a National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) air quality scientist and my research focuses on novel applications of data analysis and interpretation techniques to extract more information from air quality monitoring data. I also sit on the Natural Hazards Partnership Steering Group and Science Strategy Group on behalf of NCAS.