Shona J Lee

at University of Edinburgh


PhD Candidate, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh

ESRC-Funded CSaP Policy Intern (October 2014 - January 2015)

Shona visited CSaP for three months as part of an ESRC-funded Policy Internship, where she co-ordinated and managed workshops on the Policy Challenge of Data Science and Policy.

She is studying a PhD in Infectious Zoonotic Diseases at the INZI research group, University of Edinburgh, where she is researching surveillance networks and data linkage across public and veterinary health sectors for Human African Trypanosomiasis control in Uganda. She is interested in the social, economic and political factors that shape policy landscapes, and how Public-Private Partnership models influence research agendas and health interventions.

Shona is an anthropologist and epidemiologist, and comes from a multidisciplinary background with degrees in Social Sciences and Evolutionary Medicine from the University of Durham.