Dr Soraya Jones

CEO at Cambridge Wireless

CEO, Cambridge Wireless

Soraya Jones is the CEO of Cambridge Wireless. She is responsible for the growth of the business and generating revenue for the company, and manages the team on a day to day basis. She works closely with the dedicated group of Special Interest Group Champions and other partners to help add value to the Cambridge Wireless community.

Cambridge Wireless brings together over 300 companies with expertise in wireless technologies and networks through a range of events and networking opportunities. It provides members with a forum where they can learn about recent developments, debate key topics of importance to the industry, network with leading individuals as well as recruit highly skilled individuals and promote their organisations.

Prior to taking up her current post in 2007, Soraya was Director of Commercial Partnerships at Tribal Plc (formerly Cambridge Training and Development Ltd), and before that a Programme Manager at the University of Cambridge Programme for Industry. She did her undergraduate and masters degrees at Indiana University, USA, and her PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge.