Sue Brindley

University Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

University Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Sue Brindley is a University Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. Her current interests are working with teachers and schools on professional development through practitioner research (CamSTAR). She is particularly interested in the legitimisation of professional knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism through research. CamSTAR brings her into contact with substantial numbers of teachers working across a wide range of areas, and she is now working on a cross school project (with ten schools) on Conditions for Excellence. A previous research theme on Dialogic Teaching led to a two year funded research project (Esmee Fairbairn) exploring dialogic teaching and learning in secondary schools (CamTalk).

She is also widely involved in researching digital technologies, teaching and learning with a particular interest on the extension, enhancement and transformation potentials of digital technologies for classroom practitioners. She is interested in the ways in which digital technologies can transform approaches to teaching and learning which allow teachers and students to explore approaches to learning which move beyond the traditional. Sue is general editor of two series on teaching with Digital Technologies (Open University Press and Continuum).