Professor Susan Smith

Mistress at Girton College Cambridge

Mistress of Girton College
Honorary Professor of Social and Economic Geography, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Professor Susan Smith is the Honorary Professor of Social and Economic Geography in the Department of Geography, and also the Mistress of Girton College. She has had a distinguished career both as a human geographer and in the interdisciplinary world of housing studies.

Her main research interests are house prices, mortgage markets and the financial instruments associated with them. She works at the boundary between sociology and economics, and so her starting point is to consult households (in the UK and Australia) about their experiences, beliefs and behaviours. She also has a keen interest in the geography of health inequalities, the challenge of residential segregation, and the compatibility of markets with an ethic of care. She speaks and writes frequently on these and related subjects.

Prior to taking up her current role here at Cambridge, Professor Smith was Professor of Geography and a founding Director of the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University, and before that, Ogilvie Professor of Geography at the University of Edinburgh.