Mr Tim Middleton

at BlueSci


Masters Student, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

Tim Middleton’s current research project concerns the frictional properties of active faults and he is particularly fascinated by both earthquakes and natural hazards more generally. He is a University of Cambridge Ambassador for the organisation Geology for Global Development, which seeks to encourage geoscientists to use their knowledge to help improve people’s lives and fight poverty.

He also enjoys science communication and was previously President of BlueSci, Cambridge University’s science magazine. He writes regularly for the magazine as well as for the student newspaper Varsity, and The Euroscientist blog. He recently completed a placement at the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology working on climate engineering and he hopes to pursue his interest in science and policy in the future.

  • In news articles

    Monitoring volcanic gas emissions: From innovation to operational application

    The recent Icelandic eruptions have catapulted volcanologists to the forefront of policymaking. What can be done to predict these devastating eruptions? And how do we sensibly manage the risks?