Tom McNeil

Strategic Adviser at West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office

Strategic Adviser to West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner & Strategic Board Member, West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office
Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Tom is a lawyer and is the Strategic Adviser to the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner, as well as sitting on his Strategic Board. He leads on a range of policy areas, including the ethics oversight of policing AI such as predictive policing and facial recognition programmes.

Tom also sits on a range of boards including the National Union of Students and various public sector strategic boards with a particular focus on supporting vulnerable children.He is also undertaking a part-time PhD into the role of deliberative democracy and criminal justice.

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    Expenditure on social infrastructure may not provide the capital or jobs that show 'value for money' directly, but may head off social problems and economic costs in the future. Can and should we trust local areas to drive their own policy decisions? Or should we have a more 'joined up' national agenda?