Tom Rodger

Ministry of Attorney General at Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia

Ministry of Attorney General, Province of British Columbia
Policy Analyst, Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia
AHRC-Funded CSaP Policy Intern (April 2015 – July 2015)

Tom was an AHRC-funded policy internship at CSaP from April 2015 to July 2015. He completed his PhD in Modern History at Durham University in March 2017. His research examines the relationship between the established Church of England and the state, particularly in its parliamentary aspects.

Tom works as a Policy Analyst for the Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia, Canada. He is an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria, British Columbia. He has a professional history working with parliamentarians and advocacy groups or a range of policy issues.

  • Projects

    Climate Change: A Risk Assessment

    Should the risks of climate change be assessed in the same way as risks to national security or public health? Download our new report here