Dr Tracie Evans

Head of Natural Science Strategy, Environmental Land Management team at Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Head of Natural Science Strategy, Environmental Land Management team, DEFRA
Policy Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy

Tracie leads the Natural Science team informing the future environmental land management schemes in England. She is responsible for working with internal and external experts to provide evidence-based recommendations to policy to inform the design and development of the schemes. She has been in the environmental land management team for 3 years where she has built a team and a network of experts to identify policy questions, commission research and perform analyses to inform policy design.

Her background is in ecology, and she previously worked in various academic institutes and organisations. This has included leading a team developing insect lures and repellents; working on a project researching multiple drivers of pollinator decline; supporting a post-doctoral project studying the effects of pollinators on yield and various research projects looking at the effects of land management on insects and plants.

She graduated with a BSc in geography, an MSc in Ecology and a PhD in pollinator ecology. During her PhD, she used molecular techniques to track the movement of pollinators across the landscape in response to land management.