Dr Varun Warrier

Assistant Professor of Neurodevelopmental Research at Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge


Dr Varun Warrier is an Assistant Professor of Neurodevelopmental Research at the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology. His team works on social and genetic factors that influence neurodevelopment, and mental health. By integrating large-scale genetic, neuroimaging, EHR and questionnaire data they seek to understand heterogeneity among mental health conditions, and the links between mental health and brain structure and function. The team focuses on conditions that emerge during childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. For more details of their research, please see: www.neurodevelopmentalresearch.group

Previously, Varun was a Research Associate at the Autism Research Centre. He worked on the genetics of autism, human behaviour, and human neurobiology, with a focus on dissecting the heterogeneity of autism and autistic traits, and using genetics to inform health and wellbeing in autism.