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  • 23 April 2015

    Art and Memory: Conflict and Conflict resolution

    The role which art plays in conflict and conflict resolution was the topic of this panel chaired by Dr Tristram Riley-Smith.
  • 27 March 2015

    The challenges and opportunities facing our cities

    A panel of speakers brought together the challenges and opportunities presented by rapid growth and urbanisation of cities.
  • 20 March 2015

    Government grows social investment market

    Policy Fellows hear how growing the social investment market can contribute to the goals of public sector reform and support economic growth.
  • 16 March 2015

    Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Environment, Our Responsibility

    The penultimate session of the Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions seminar series saw talks from Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor Charles Kennel and Lord Martin Rees on the relationship between humanity and nature, and its implications for sustainability.
  • 13 March 2015

    The outlook for the European Commission

    On Friday 6 March a small group of CSaP associates gathered to discuss how the new European Commission is taking shape.
  • 6 March 2015

    The opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence

    CSaP's Policy Leaders Fellows discuss the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence.
  • 4 December 2014

    CSaP Policy Workshop: 'Making Systems Resilient'

    CSaP ran a policy workshop on “Making Systems Resilient”, organised in partnership with Dr Nathan Crilly, from the Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge.
  • 25 November 2014

    New report makes proposals for improving UK innovation policies

    A renewed focus on innovative research and development spending by major UK departments would create new export-oriented industries and help rebalance the economy, says a new 65-page report entitled Creating Things for Markets that Don’t Exist.
  • 17 November 2014

    Dr S T Lee Public Policy Lecture 2014: Steven Chu on energy and climate change

    Professor Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winner and former US Secretary of Energy under President Obama, visited the University of Cambridge to deliver the 2014 Dr S T Lee Public Policy Lecture on energy and climate change.
  • 21 November 2013

    Policy Leaders Fellows discuss internet and growth

    CSaP's Policy Leaders Fellows met for their second roundtable in Michaelmas Term to discuss technology, innovation and growth – specifically the future of the internet and its role in the birth and death of industries.