An international workshop on climate change and clean energy

21 June 2011


This report was prepared by Maggie Comstock

There is no more topical or important an issue that the development of energy sources that can move economies away from carbon. CSaP was delighted to partner with the Renewable Energy and International Law network and the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University for a two-day forum which convened in Cambridge on 20 and 21 June 2011.

The event brought together US and UK government officials with environment, energy and market experts to discuss the current state of international policy, energy efficiency technology, problems regarding sustainable energy access, and financing opportunities needed to drive environmental change. One of the overall themes of the Cambridge Roundtable – the water-food-energy nexus – highlighted the linkages between the aforementioned topics as well as the need for comprehensive solutions to climate change that protect water, food and energy security.

The intimate nature of the small group, brought together under the Chatham House Rule, allowed for an informal exchange of knowledge and expertise, followed by lively discussions. These discussions sought to identify the primary hurdles to progress within the environmental and energy sectors, and to develop practical solutions to overcome these issues.

Over the two days, several spontaneous debates ensued, including discussions on the political obstacles in the US preventing the adoption of progressive climate policy and the limited implementation of renewable energy solutions in developing countries. The forward-looking discussions yielded ideas of each participant’s individual role in these efforts.

Despite the limited time available, the meeting produced interesting and inspiring proposals for how governments, non-governmental organisations and private industries can work together in order to achieve a common goal, promoting environmental health and energy security.

Thumbnail: Olivier Tetard via Wikicommons

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