CSaP hosts a Parliamentary symposium on migration

15 April 2014


On 9 April, the Centre for Science and Policy joined the Cambridge University External Affairs Office in hosting a Parliamentary event on migration. The symposium was the first of what is hoped to be a series of events that aims to support informed political debate and policy making by bringing together parliamentarians, civil servants, third sector organisations, and Cambridge academics.

Taking the lead from the recent migration-themed edition of Research Horizons, a publication that serves to pioneer research from Cambridge, the University was represented by a wide range of academics who work on different aspects of migration – from housing and violence to EU migration, innovation and education.

In particular, the event focused on the lack of evidence that often seems to characterise public debates on migration generally, and immigration more specifically. In order to provide a platform for discussion about how this, and other issues characteristic of migration may be overcome, the invitees were encouraged to network with the academics and discuss various issues related to migration that they encounter in their work.

Banner image from Flickr via CC4.0