Global Uncertainties: Collected Conversations

4 October 2022


Global Uncertainties: Collected Conversations

To celebrate and highlight the work of the members of the UK's security research community over the past 15 years, the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research has released a new open access book, Global Uncertainties: Collected Conversations from the Partnership for Conflict, Crime & Security Research.

This e-book contains a collection of interviews and reflections on the contribution made by high-quality, interdisciplinary, problem-based research by academics interested in addressing traditional and non-traditional threats to security. In the words of Dr Tristram Riley-Smith, PaCCS Research Champion, this book is an opportunity to “celebrate the scale of the enterprise, the breadth of academic disciplines involved, and the depth of academic inquiry delivered” throughout the history of PaCCS.

The book has been written with the goal of offering insights for policymakers into the types of questions being explored by conflict, security and crime researchers in the UK, and also features insights from the policymakers and practitioners who work at the coalface of the challenges explored in this book – with their insights collectively highlighting the importance of resilience in systems, and the diverse, complex challenges faced by those working to translate research into practice. Together, the book's conversations reveal the potential of research to advance our understanding of threats, vulnerabilities and security solutions associated with the intricate systems that link our environments, infrastructure, institutions, and social world.

Global Uncertainties: Collected Conversations features interviews with 60 academics from more than 40 institutions whose work has been linked to PaCCS, and whose research contributions have the potential to challenge and deepen our understanding of traditional and non-traditional threats to security. The projects covered by this book explore six key themes through impact-driven research and case studies.

• Hazards & Disasters and Risk Management
• Conflict, Security and Peacemaking
• Peacebuilding & Post-Conflict Reconstruction
• Identity, Radicalisation & Political Violence
• Criminal Networks & Transnational Organised Crime.
• Cyber-Security & Emerging Technology.

Over 1,200 projects – located in universities across the UK and drawing on many different academic disciplines – have been linked to PaCCS (formerly called the Global Uncertainties Programme). Many of these have generated unique and impactful knowledge and insight, as well as nurturing academic sources of expertise that will contribute to societal well-bring for decades to come. Some of this impact has been generated through the close working relationship between PaCCS and CSaP - with PaCCS having spent several years of its history based at the CSaP offices, while the PaCCS Research Champion Dr Tristram Riley Smith continues to act as an Associate Fellow here at the Centre for Science and Policy.

Global Uncertainties: Collected Conversations from the Partnership for Conflict, Crime & Security Research is available now as an open access e-book. You can get your free copy here.