New Strategic Research Initiatives at Cambridge

13 December 2013


Four new targets have been added to the University of Cambridge’s Strategic Research Initiative programme, which fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration to advance innovative research. Big Data, Cardiovascular Disease, Public Policy and Synthetic Biology join a portfolio of Strategic Research Initiatives that are building on existing research expertise to address multi-disciplinary research challenges. By bringing together academics from different disciplines working towards the same goals, these initiatives are harnessing researchers’ skills and expertise, resulting in ground-breaking developments and enhancing wider impact.

CSaP will be playing a central role in all four of the Strategic Research Initiatives by fostering connections and two-way learning between government and academia. CSaP’s Executive Director, Rob Doubleday is serving on the steering committees of the four initiatives in order to contribute CSaP’s networks and knowledge brokering experience.

“These latest initiatives are underpinned by a proven track record of research success,” said Professor Lynn Gladden, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research. “Supporting them through the Strategic Research Initiative program will help to increase our national and international impact, and make our research more visible to funding agencies, charities, industry and donors.”

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