If you were planning a sustainable city, what would you include in it?

20 March 2014


As part of the CSaP Policy Challenge on Climate Resilience, over 240 people attended a public event co-hosted by CSaP, CFSE, the Energy Initiative and the Science Festival on Wednesday 19 March.

Today, more people live in cities than in rural areas and, by 2050, this ratio is predicted to rise to 7 out of every 10 people. Can we rethink how we design and live in cities? What will the impact of increasing numbers of people living in cities be on society, or biodiversity, or on food, water and energy security? A panel of distinguished speakers focused on some of these most pressing challenges faced by our cities. Panellists included:

  • Professor Doug Crawford-Brown - how the Cambridge Retrofit programme is coping with uncertainty in choosing what to retrofit
  • Professor Larry Sherman - how “evidence-based policing” has had some initial successes in improving the quality and sustainability of urban living
  • Dr Britt Baillie - the environmental effects of urban conflict, lessons for the future from historic cities, and cultural sustainability
  • Mark Kleinman - the role of city leaders in promoting more sustainable cities

Talks were followed by 25 minutes of lively Q&A with the audience. Listen to, or download the podcast here.

Banner image from Derek via CC4.0