Podcast available: Cities in a changing climate

5 February 2015


For the first time in history, more people live in urban areas than in rural. What are the implications of this movement of people in the context of increasing climate shocks and stresses? This is of particular concern where current building stock is poorly adapted; pricing of energy and water has incentivized inefficient resource use; and policy levers are difficult to identify and influence.

We have launched our policy briefing on resilient cities, with contributions from a wide range of expert policy makers, practitioners and researchers. For this public event, CSaP worked in partnership with the European Development Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment to bring together a panel of distinguished speakers to focus on some of these pressing challenges.

Speakers included:

Craig Davies, Senior Manager, Climate Change Adaptation European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Mark Kleinman, Director, Economic and Business Policy Greater London Authority

Alan Short, Professor of Architecture University of Cambridge

Emily Shuckburgh, Head of Open Oceans British Antarctic Survey

Talks were followed by 25 minutes of lively Q&A with the audience. Listen to, or download the podcast here.

(Thumbnail image courtesy of Christian Bickel via WikiCommons

Banner image from DfID on Flickr)