Policy Leaders Fellowship meets for first time

16 June 2013


The Centre's Fellowship programme has reached new levels of seniority with the launch of the new Policy Leaders Fellowship, which extends the network to Directors General and Permanent Secretaries in Whitehall and their peers in other administrations, in industry and in the charitable sector.

The first cadre of Fellows to be elected includes six Directors General from Whitehall (covering business, work and pensions, energy and climate change, the environment, transport and home affairs), the heads of two Directorates General in Brussels (DG-Connect and the JRC), senior figures from industry and the Chief Executives of the Technology Strategy Board, Infrastructure UK, Nesta and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The Whitehall-based members of the Fellowship met in Cambridge for the first time on 7 June - under the chairmanship of the President of the Fellowship, Lord Wilson of Dinton - to discuss open policy making, evidence and external expertise. During the day, the Fellows took part in a number of one-to-one and small group meetings arranged in response to their individual policy questions; they then came together with ten researchers for a roundtable discussion in the late afternoon and evening.

Policy Leaders are elected to the Fellowship for a two-year period, and the group is expected to grow to around 20 members. We are currently investigating sustainable funding options for this programme. Naming opportunities will be considered in recognition of major donor support.

Banner image from Andrey Starostin via CC4.0