Understanding the needs of policy makers

23 May 2016

An important strand of CSaP activities is aimed at training the next generation of scientific leaders to understand the needs of policy makers including having access to good, well-focused scientific advice.

In addition to CSaP's Professional Development Workshops for early- and mid-career researchers, CSaP offers opportunities for PhD students to take up 3-month internships, working alongside members of the CSaP team to organise and deliver policy workshops.

This year, CSaP contributed to Cambridge's Masters in Public Policy programme delivering seminars on "Method and the Nature of Evidence: Expertise, analysis and evidence in the policy process", and provided a workshop session at the British Ecological Society annual conference, which focused on Engaging with policy makers; the demand side.

CSaP has also taken part in professional development events in Cambridge organised by the BBSRC, the Babraham Institute, the ESRC (as part of their seminar series 'the Educated Brain') and Clare College. These have addressed career issues as well as how to gain policy impact from research.

For further information on professional development, please email