What is the relationship between knowledge and practice?

18 April 2016


In our activities to promote engagement between researchers and policy professionals, CSaP is actively involved in bridging what some refer to as the knowledge-practice gap.

For the past two years, Clare Moran, CSaP’s Policy Fellowships Coordinator, has been co-editing a Routledge volume that further explores the relationships between knowledge and practice.

Clare has been working alongside former colleagues in the Knowledge and Practice research group, based at the School of Management, University of St Andrews. The editorial team included Professor Kevin Orr, Head of School, and Professor Sandra Nutley, known for her work on evidence-based policy and knowledge mobilisation.

The resulting book, Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations, was published in April 2016. The book is part of the Routledge Advances in Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management series, and is being launched during the Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities conference (OLKC) 2016.

The central aim of the book is to contribute to scholarly understanding of knowledge and practice in organisational and policy settings, through a blend of conceptual and empirical discussion. The book is intended for practitioner and researcher audiences who are interested in organisations, strategy, organisational learning, and knowledge management. The project was also designed as professional development for the research group, carried out through a series of interactive workshops and retreats that brought together researchers with varied experiences, interests, and research approaches.

Further details of the book and its production process can be found in the preview pages here.

(Banner image from Pimthida on Flickr)