Friends of the Earth are one of the most dynamic, respected and effective environmental campaigning charities in the world. We are a movement of local groups, thousands of active supporters and a dedicated staff of professionals working together across England, Wales and Northern Ireland on local, national and international campaigns.

What do we want?

We want to see a new, positive relationship between people and the planet. We want a world where the Earth’s population, its climate, fresh water, food supplies and natural world are protected and can thrive.

How do we work?

With ideas and people. It's people who created the emergency the planet faces - and it's people that will get the planet out of this mess. We bring people together to realise change that none of us could achieve alone. You can be part of it.

Where have we made a difference so far?

We've had many successes over the past 40 years. These include making the environment mainstream, introducing doorstep recycling, and delivering the ground-breaking UK Climate Change Act. See our recent successes.