At the Cambridge Centre for the Humanities and Social Change, hosted at CRASSH and led by Professor Steven Connor, we are creating an interdisciplinary space that enables those who develop new technologies to be influenced by cutting-edge thinking in the arts, humanities and social sciences. This framework ensures that experts from these various domains are properly integrated from the inception to the implementation stages of technological development, and are not simply sources of ethical or conceptual ‘patches’ after the key design decisions have already been made. We are also pioneering new models of public engagement and citizen science in which the new technologies are better aligned with the values and cultural priorities of the communities for which they are intended.

We are currently conducting two four-year projects to investigate the interface between technology and social change:

Expertise Under Pressure
Giving Voice to Digital Democracies: The Social Impact of Artificially Intelligent Communications Technology

Working in collaboration with leading thinkers, policymakers and practitioners across the globe, our teams are undertaking groundbreaking research to provide Humanities-led solutions to the pressing societal problems of our age. ‚Äč