Benefits of the Policy Fellowship

CSaP Policy Fellowships have a two-year tenure. At the earliest opportunity in the first year, the Policy Fellow spends five days at the University of Cambridge, usually in two or more visits, meeting as many as 30 senior researchers.

The schedule of meetings with academics is unique to each Fellow

Academics are chosen for the relevance of their research to the questions drawn up by the Fellow, and also for the heterogeneity of perspectives and multidisciplinary insights they bring.

Fellows gain new perspectives on their policy areas

After the equivalent of one week, as well as gaining fresh insight into their questions, and how scientific research and evidence impact on policy formation in relevant areas, the Policy Fellow will have established his or her own network of contacts within academia, and identified the opportunities for ongoing engagement over the course of the Fellowship.

Fellows have access to a network of more than 1600 researchers and other experts

During their Fellowship, Policy Fellows are encouraged to make use of the Policy Fellows Network, made up of more than 360 Policy Fellows from government and industry, as well as the range of researchers who support the programme.

Other benefits include
  • a tailored programme of one-to-one meetings with experts across all disciplines, offering the opportunity to build a unique personal network of relevant contacts
  • space to think in an intellectually challenging environment, offering fresh perspectives and the chance to step back and see the bigger picture
  • connection to a peer-group with shared interests in expertise, evidence and improved policy making
  • navigation of the University's expertise and resources, and a better understanding of what academia offers and how to access it
  • a five-day residential visit with accommodation in a Cambridge college
  • access to exclusive CSaP events and the chance to convene bespoke workshops
  • a chance to design, propose and execute joint research projects with the University
  • ongoing access to researchers on initial questions and new questions as they emerge
  • an opportunity to host students from the Cambridge Master's in Public Policy course on their Work Placement module
  • a Policy Fellow 'buddy'