Junior Policy Fellows

Inspiring the next generation of policy makers

Junior Policy Fellows

The Junior Policy Fellowship is designed to inspire the next generation of policy makers and researchers to build connections which will grow and develop with them as they go forward in their careers. By selecting from the most promising young policy makers and matching them up with the leading young researchers of their generation, it creates a joined-up cohort of ambassadors for scientifically literate policy making.

Who is it for?

The Junior Policy Fellowship is aimed at early-career policy makers, including fast streamers in Whitehall and their peers in devolved and local government, NGOs, industry or the third sector – typically those in the third or fourth years of their policy careers. Its objectives are to accelerate the building of their personal networks and develop links with their peers in relevant research disciplines, as well as in other departments and administrations. At the same time, it enables early-career researchers to understand the potential impact of their research on policy priorities and to build the exploration of relevant issues into their research methodologies.

What does it involve?

As with the core Policy Fellowship Programme, the starting point of the two-year programme is the identification of the questions which the Fellow brings to Cambridge, and the bespoke programme of meetings with researchers designed to address those questions in an initial residential visit. For Junior Policy Fellows this initial visit will be for three days, with a further two days of meetings arranged in the second year, giving the chance to take account of changes in policy areas and responsibilities.

How much does it cost?

The fees, terms and conditions and application procedures for the Junior Policy Fellowship are the same as for the core programme - see here.

Current and former Junior Policy Fellows are listed below:

Junior Policy Fellow