Dr Miles Parker, CSaP's Visiting Research Fellow, is currently researching the 1971 Rothschild Report on government research and development.

Miles' first paper "The logic of scientific unity? Medawar, the Royal Society and the Rothschild controversy 1971–72" was co-authored with Neil Calver of the University of Kent, and published in the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science in October 2015. The paper explores two momentous events in the history of the Royal Society; the publication of Lord Rothschild's report in to government R&D, and Sir Peter Medawar's campaign to have Sir Karl Popper elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society.

In August 2016 Miles published his paper on the Rothschild's report in Palgrave Communications Vol 2, their special edition on Science Advice to Governments. In this paper Miles reflects on his experience, as a former scientific adviser in Defra, of implementing Rothschild’s principles and their implications, with particular respect to their effect on “evidence based” policy making. You can view a copy of this paper here.