Innovation, productivity and economic growth

How is academic research helping to tackle societal, environmental and economic challenges?


Innovation, productivity and economic growth

CSaP’s workshops and panel discussions introduced some of the work being done by researchers to help policy makers tackle innovation, productivity and economic challenges.

An interdisciplinary approach to grand challenges in innovation

A session at our annual conference in June looked at the role of science, technology and the social sciences in confronting grand challenges in innovation. Talks highlighted the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and a focus on long-term commitments in addressing innovation challenges, as well as ensuring cross-government support.

Early adoption of innovation

In partnership with Innovate UK, CSaP organised a Policy Workshop to discuss steps and actions that could drive forward rapid diffusion of innovation and adoption of new technologies in the public sector and public services to improve efficiency and productivity.

Advanced materials for the energy transition

Dowling Policy Fellows met to discuss the important role government plays in boosting innovation, productivity and growth, and how academia, government and business can work together to help drive large-scale innovation success.

A discussion on clean technology included focussed on advanced materials for the energy transition. Examples included improving the efficiency of solar cells and the sustainability of batteries, and converting wasted heat back into useful energy using organic semiconductor materials.

“One of the most undervalued benefits of meeting academics is that it enables you to get the policy question right."

Dan Shah, Director of Investment Strategy and Systems Insight, UK Research and Innovation

Applying systems thinking to policy making

CSaP delivered a series of policy workshops on how to apply systems thinking to policy making, which included discussions on conflict resolution, systems change and sustaining innovation.

In April 2023, CSaP hosted a roundtable discussion, which featured the work of Nesta and the Alan Turing Institute on adopting a strategic, mission-oriented approach to research culture and the challenges encountered along the way.

Digital Poverty and Inequality in the UK

In partnership with the British Academy, a seminar on digital poverty emphasised the importance of equality and access to technology, and how tackling digital poverty will require a collective effort from central and local government, the private sector and local communities.

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