CSaP's Visiting Research Fellows make a significant contribution to understanding how evidence, expertise and public policy interact, and how research expertise can contribute to better policy making – addressing the greatest policy challenges from climate change to cyber-security, poverty to pandemics, food technologies to fracking.

During their visit, Research Fellows meet with members of CSaP's extensive network of UK and EU policy makers and develop fruitful research links with Cambridge academics, looking at the policy implications of their work.

Visiting Research Fellows - Current

Visiting Research Fellows - Former

  • 27 July 2018

    CSaP Visiting Research Fellow receives ERC grant

    CSaP Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Alice Vadrot, has received a European Research Council grant for her work on the politics of marine biodiversity data.
  • 13 October 2016

    Why do farmers and advisers in the UK use decision support tools?

    Dr David Rose, a CSaP Visiting Research Fellow, describes recent work investigating use of tools which provide evidence-based decision-making advice to policy makers and practitioners in a useable form.
  • 27 September 2016

    Honest advocacy for nature: presenting a persuasive narrative for conservation

    This paper presents the case of the Lawton Review, which was able to seize on an opportunity to communicate a rigorously argued, persuasive and practical conservation message; in other words, it performed ‘honest advocacy’.
  • 18 June 2015

    CSaP welcomes Visiting Research Fellow working on sustainable energy

    The Centre for Science and Policy is delighted to welcome Professor Jatin Nathwani as a Visiting Research Fellow in July 2015.
  • 16 March 2015

    Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Environment, Our Responsibility

    The penultimate session of the Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions seminar series saw talks from Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor Charles Kennel and Lord Martin Rees on the relationship between humanity and nature, and its implications for sustainability.
  • 21 October 2014

    Baroness Worthington becomes CSaP Visiting Research Fellow

    CSaP is delighted to welcome its third Visiting Research Fellow - Baroness Bryony Worthington, the UK Labour Party's Shadow Minister on Energy & Climate Change.
  • 26 June 2014

    Professor Michael Kenny charts changing ideas of statecraft in the UK

    CSaP's second Visiting Research Fellow Professor Michael Kenny delivered a seminar based on his new book 'The Politics of English Nationhood'. In the talk, Kenny discussed what kind of statecraft was necessary and viable as the UK appears set on the course of evolution to a looser form of Union.
  • 15 January 2014

    CSaP welcomes inaugural Visiting Research Fellow

    CSaP is piloting a new programme for Visiting Research Fellows, which will bring internationally outstanding researchers to Cambridge for a residential programme.