Annual Conference Virtual Seminar Series: Space science

18 June 2020


Space science

This year instead of holding a one-day annual conference in London, we will be delivering a series of virtual seminars in May and June on topics that CSaP and our network have worked on over the past year. Invited experts will offer insights into some of the latest research that has the potential to inform decisions taken by policy makers.
The seventh virtual seminar in this series will be on the topic of space science.

Why do we need space policy, and what might space policies for the UK entail? As part of our virtual annual conference seminar on space science, we’ll be joined by researchers and industry professionals for an in-depth discussion on research and contemporary practice in the realm of space and space technology. As part of this discussion, we’ll explore why space matters for the UK, the space industry, the importance of preparing for rare but serious events in space, and issues of international cooperation.

Date: 18 June 2020

Time: 12:15-13:30 on Zoom

Chair: James Cemmell

Confirmed speakers
  • Dr Nikita Chiu - Ad Astra Distinguished Fellow in Robotic and Outer Space Governance,Space Engineering Research Center
  • Professor Richard Horne - Head of Space Weather, British Antarctic Survey
  • Patrick Wood - Chief Technology Officer & Programme Management Director, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
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For more details on other seminars in this series, please visit our annual conference webpage.

Banner image: NASA's Space Flight Centre on flickr

Professor Richard Horne

British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Patrick Wood

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group