2022 Christ's College Climate Seminars

3 February 2022


2022 Christ’s College Climate Seminars

Climate change after Glasgow

The Centre for Science and Policy collaborated with Christ's College Cambridge and Professor Charles Kennel, Director Emeritus at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, to deliver the 2022 series of climate change seminars hosted by Christ’s College.

27 January 2022: Sustainable finance, risk and transition to clean tech

Chaired by Emily Farnworth (Co-Director, Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Engagement) with panellists Michael Liebreich, Chairman and CEO, Liebreich Associates and Dr Emily Shuckburgh, Director, Cambridge Zero at University of Cambridge.

To watch the seminar back, please click on the link below:

3 February 2022: Behaviour change and sustainability

Chaired by CSaP Executive Director, Rob Doubleday, with panellists David Hill (Director of Environmental Quality, Defra); Theresa Marteau (Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge); Lucia Reisch (El-Erian Professor of Behavioural Economics and Policy, University of Cambridge)

To watch the seminar back, please click on the link below:

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