The Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) at the University of Cambridge promotes relationships between policy professionals and experts in the sciences and engineering by:

  • providing policy professionals access to the best academic thinking in engineering, science, computing, mathematics, the social sciences, law and philosophy
  • providing training, support and opportunities for researchers to engage with policy makers
  • providing an arena in which those interested in the policy implications of the sciences and technology, and the relationship between research expertise and public policy, can discuss and develop fresh ideas.


Mejd Alsari

Policy Intern

Julia Amtmann

Visiting Researcher (2022-23)

Josephine Anselin

Policy Intern (January 2024 - April 2024)

Karri Aston

Policy Leaders Fellowship Programme Manager

Alexis Belessiotis-Richards

EPSRC Policy Intern

Jacob Bradbury

Policy Intern

Nicky Buckley

Director, Fellowships and Networks

Rachael Burcher

Head of Policy Leaders Fellowship Programme

Katie Cohen


Nick Cosstick

Research Associate

Karl Dagher

Policy Intern

Dr Rob Doubleday

Executive Director

Dr Megan Eldred

Head of Science and Policy Forums

Camilla Faidutti

Policy Intern (April - July 2021)

Ryan Francis

Policy Intern

Will Gaby

Policy Fellowships Coordinator

Dr Nick Gray

Associate Adviser

Meg Groom

Policy Intern

Philip Guildford

Director of Strategy & Operations

Ian Hall

Horn Fellow

Samuel Houlberg

Policy Fellowships Coordinator

Tatiana Iakovleva

Associate Director for Engagement

Kate Johnson

Programme Coordinator

Dr Alex Kell

Policy Intern

Professor Charles Kennel

Visiting Research Fellow

Anthony Lindley

Policy Intern

Victor Lovic

Policy Intern

Patrick McAlary

Policy Research Coordinator

Matthias Meller

Policy Intern

Dr Lev Mikheev

Horn Fellow

Lauren Milden

Policy Adviser

Alice Millington

Policy Intern

Dr Milena Mueller Santos

CAPE project coordinator

Kavya Neeba

Policy Engagement Network Coordinator

Christian Neubacher

Policy Engagement Planning Coordinator

Valérie Nowak

Policy Intern (Jan - April 2024)

Dr Magda Osman

Head of Research & Analysis

Jackie Ouchikh

Head of Programmes

Dr Miles Parker

Visiting Research Fellow

Rebecca Parrish

NERC-funded policy intern

Erica Pramauro

Policy Fellowships Manager

Dr Victoria Price

Policy Intern

Dr Tristram Riley-Smith

Former Visiting Fellow

Florence Robinson Adams

Former Policy Assistant

Dr Charlotte Sausman

Associate Director, Policy Fellowships

Laura Sayer

Events Coordinator

Dr Carmen Smith

Engagement Coordinator

Dr Alice Vadrot

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Ben Walker

Policy Intern

Jamie Ward

NERC Policy Intern (2019)

Samuel Ward

Policy Intern (Jan - April 2021)


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