Climate Seminars 2016: Bending the Curve on Climate

4 February 2016


A series of seminars for a general audience exploring responsibility and action on climate change

Dates: 4 February, 11 February, 10 March and 17 March

Seminars from 5.30pm-7pm with reception to follow.

Venue: Christ’s College, Cambridge, Plumb Auditorium

Registration for all events at once and for Seminar 1 is now closed, please use the links below to sign up for individual seminars.

Professor Charles Kennel is returning to Cambridge to host a series of seminars, ‘Bending the Curve on Climate’ in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Policy and Christ’s College, Cambridge.

In the wake of Paris 2015, governments, universities and businesses are re-examining their climate strategies, with a view to limiting emissions to well below the 2 degree warming scenario.

Following on from the success of the 2014 and 2015 seminar series convened by Professor Charles Kennel and the Centre for Science and Policy, this series of seminars aims to explore practical solutions to meeting the commitments made at Paris.

4 February:

This panel discussion will examine action and responsibility on climate change in the wake of Paris 2015.

Panellists include Professor Kennel, Dr Richard Fraser (Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Universtiy of Cambridge), Dr Emily Shuckburgh (British Antarctic Survey) and Dr Joanna Depledge (Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge).

11th February:

This seminar will include lectures from Professor Ian Leslie (Computer lab, University of Cambridge) on "Smart (???) Buildings" and Simon Sharpe (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) on "Climate risk".

Professor Kennel will speak on the role of Universities, in particular the University of California's Carbon Neutrality Initiative.

10th March:

This seminar will include lectures from Professor Paul Linden (Department of Applied Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge) on "Smart Cities" and Professor Kennel on "Rising sea levels and the Venice Gates".

17th March:

This panel discussion will reflect upon the central themes of the seminars, and also consider the role of a university like Cambridge in the societal transformations required to bend the curve on climate.

Panellists include David Bent (Forum for the Future), Lord Martin Rees (Institure of Astronomy, University of Cambridge), Polly Courtice (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)) and Professor Kennel.


Professor Charles Kennel (University of California, San Diego, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Christ’s College, Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy)

Dr Robert Doubleday (Executive Director, Centre for Science and Policy)

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    How can buildings be made more efficient in combatting carbon emissions?

    In the second of the 2016 seminar series, Simon Sharpe (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and Professor Ian Leslie (Cambridge Computer Laboratory) discussed how the risks of climate change are communicated, and how buildings could be made to be more efficient in combatting carbon emissions.

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    How has Paris 2015 changed the landscape and rhetoric surrounding climate change?

    In the first seminar of this series, CSaP Visiting Research Fellow, Professor Charles Kennel introduced two speakers who shared their thoughts on how Paris 2015 had changed the landscape and rhetoric surrounding climate change.