Helen Kersley - How a broader appreciation of 'value' can contribute to better policy making

11 November 2011, 1pm


Speaker: Helen Kersley, Programme Head, Valuing What Matters, New Economics Foundation (nef)

Short-term considerations and a focus primarily on economic factors and returns dominate public policy-making. This carries major consequences for the potential misallocation of society’s resources. But it also leaves a deficit in terms of transparency and accountability. This seminar will look into the consequences for policy-making of taking a broader view of value, which considers social, economic and environmental factors with equal weight and across the longer-term. What are the barriers to policy-makers adopting such an approach and can these be overcome?


These seminars aim to bring together a diverse range of individuals from the humanities as well as social and natural sciences to discuss the public policy implications of their work and research.

They will take place on Fridays in the Department of Engineering on Trumpington Street in Lecture Room 4 from 1-2pm, throughout the Michaelmas term.

Each talk will last 25-30 minutes and will be followed by open discussion.

Helen Kersley

New Economics Foundation (NEF)