Julia Fan-Li - Innovation management by global health entrepreneurs

10 February 2012, 1pm


Speaker: Julia Fan Li, Doctoral Researcher, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

“Resources have always been limited – work has been unlimited” Dr. Shelly Batra, Medical Doctor & Global Health Entrepreneur, Operation ASHA India

“There [is] the need for governments in the north and south, pharmaceutical companies, scientists and other stakeholders, to consider how disease which disproportionately affect developing countries could best be addressed, and to seek solutions.” Report of the Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health, United Nations World Health Organization

This talk will introduce research in the field of entrepreneurship & innovation in global health. It will outline opportunities and business models to reconcile healthcare innovation and access. Financing “push” and “pull” mechanisms will be discussed and how they can be utilised to facilitate the discovery, development and diffusion of global health innovations.


These seminars aim to bring together a diverse range of individuals from the humanities as well as social and natural sciences to discuss the public policy implications of their work and research.

They will take place on Fridays between 1-2pm, during the Lent term. Venue to be confirmed.

Each talk will last 25-30 minutes and will be followed by open discussion.

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Julia Fan Li

Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge

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    Innovation management by global health entrepreneurs

    For diseases like TB, logistical and societal factors may be larger barriers to treatment than either drug innovation or affordability. Julia Fan Li outlined the role that entrepreneurship can have in helping to overcome these challenges.