The Future of Genomic Medicine Patents in Europe and the US

6 September 2016

The Future of Genomic Medicine Patents in Europe and the US

This invitation-only workshop is the third in a collective series titled: ‘Realising Genomic Medicine: Intellectual Property Issues’, and will focus on the patentability of medical comparison-based tests. The workshop will bring together academic and industry experts with relevant policy makers to discuss and analyse recent legal decisions in the US and Europe, and their implications for the future of precision medicine.

The aims of the workshop will be to:

  • compare and contrast US law with the European legal position on the patentability of genetic diagnostic tests
  • measure the number of US genetic diagnostic/prognostic patents affected by the Sequenom and Prometheus decisions
  • debate the implications for the development of precision medicine and likely responses from industry
  • identify a future research and policy agenda for genomic intellectual property and alternatives to IP
You can find a report of this workshop here.
Professor Mateo Aboy

Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Dr Rob Doubleday

Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge

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    The Future of Genomic Medicine Patents in Europe and the US

    Decisions relating to the patenting of genomics medicine technology were debated at a recent CSaP Policy workshop on precision medicine and intellectual property.

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    LML and CSaP publish report on genomic medicine and IP issues

    Following a workshop earlier this year, the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences (Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge) together with CSaP published a report this week on the debates, policy frameworks and recommendations for further research discussed at that meeting.