Innovation in open networks

18 November 2011, 12:30pm


As part of this year's Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge programme, the CSaP will host a distinguished lecture by Joichi (Joi) Ito, Director of MIT's Media Lab and Chairman of Creative Commons. The lecture will take place on 18 November 2011 (12:30 - 1:30pm) in Judge Business School.


The Internet has changed everything and surviving and thriving in the chaotic, open and uncertain environment requires a new kind of innovation and leadership. Innovation happens on the edges in ecosystems where standards are developed in non-governmental bodies, where intellectual property can become more of a burden to agility than an asset, and where planning can cost more than doing.

Addressing an audience of policy makers, business leaders, academics and students, Joi Ito will discuss the role of institutions and scientists in this new world of "small pieces loosely joined", and how open data and open standards can help by allowing innovation and creativity, while maintaining interoperability and scalability.

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