Dr Keivan Aghasi

Research Associate

Professor Kern Alexander

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Karim Anaya

Research Associate in Energy Economics

Dr Monique Boddington

Management Practice Associate Teaching Professor

Dr Marion Boisseau-Sierra

University Associate Professor in Accounting

Conrad Chua

Head of MBA Admissions and Careers

Dr Zeynep Clulow

Research Associate

Dr Othman Cole

Senior Faculty, Management Practice (Finance)

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson

KPMG Professor of Management

Professor Simon Deakin

Fellow in Corporate Governance

Dr Mark De Rond

Professor in Strategy and Organisation

Lord John Eatwell

Professor Emeritus of Financial Policy

Charles Ebert

PhD Researcher

Professor Feryal Erhun

Professor of Operations & Technology Management

Gemma Fesemeyer

Business Development Director

Alberto Garcia-Mogollon

Research Student

Kieran Garvey

Policy Programme Manager, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Dr Christos Genakos

Programme Director, MPhil Technology Policy

Professor Elizabeth George

KPMG Professor of Management Studies

Joe Gladstone

Former PhD candidate

Professor Matthew Grimes

Professor of Organisational Theory & Information Systems

Professor Mauro Guillén

Former Dean and Professor of Management Studies

Dr Allegre Hadida

University Associate Professor

Aoife Haney

PhD Candidate

Dr Helen Haugh

Deputy Director of the MBA Programme

Barry Hedley

Associate in Advanced Strategy

Richard Hill

Business Development Director

Peter Hiscocks


Dr Matthias Holweg

Professor in Operations Management

Dr Chris Hope

Emeritus Reader in Policy Modelling

Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville

Diageo Professor of Organisational Studies

Professor Alan Hughes

Professor Emeritus

Dr Juvaria Jafri

Research Associate

Professor Alan Jagolinzer

Professor of Financial Accounting

Dr Houyuan Jiang

Senior Lecturer in Management Science

Dr Matthew Jones

Professor in Information Management

Dr Paul Kattuman

Professor in Economics

Professor Stelios Kavadias

Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation & Growth

Professor Ahmed Khwaja

Professor of Marketing, Business & Public Enterprise

Dr Michael Kitson

University Associate Professor in International Macroeconomics

Professor Bart Lambrecht

Professor of Finance

Dr Benn Lawson

University Associate Professor in Operations Management

Dr Simon Learmount

Director of the MBA Programme

Professor Christoph Loch

Professor of Operations & Technology Management

Professor Vincent Mak

Professor of Marketing & Decision Sciences

Professor Geoff Meeks

Professor of Financial Accounting

Professor Jochen Menges

Professor of Leadership

Dr Andrea Mina

Lecturer in Economics of Innovation

Professor Kamiar Mohaddes

Associate Professor in Economics & Policy

Professor Kamal Munir

Professor in Strategy and Policy

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni

Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management

Jeremy Newton

Culture, Arts & Media Management Fellow

Professor Eivor Oborn

Research Fellow

Dr Stella Pachidi

Assistant Professor in Information Systems

Christos Pitelis

Professor in International Business & Competitiveness

Professor Michael Pollitt

Professor of Business Economics; Assistant Director of the EPRG

Professor Jaideep Prabhu

Professor of Marketing

Dr Karl Prince

Research Associate in Knowledge Translation & Service Innovation

Professor Vincent Xiaoguang QI

Associate, Strategy & International Business group

Professor Danny Ralph

Professor of Operations Research

Professor Raghavendra Rau

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance

Professor David Reiner

Professor of Technology Policy

Professor Lucia Reisch

El-Erian Professor of Behavioural Economics and Policy

Professor Andreas Richter

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Professor Thomas Roulet

Professor of Organisational Sociology and Leadership

Professor Jochen Runde

Professor of Economics & Organisation

Dr Pedro Saffi

Lecturer in Finance

Professor Sunita Sah

KPMG Professor of Management Studies

Dr Paul Sanderson

Research Associate, Centre for Business Research

Dr Karla Sayegh

Assistant Professor in Organisation Theory & Information Systems

Professor Stefan Scholtes

Professor of Management Science

Becky Schutt

Fellow in Arts & Culture

Kishore Sengupta

Professor in Operations Management

Mr Mark Smith

Senior Advisor

Professor Khaled Soufani

Director, Circular Economy Centre

Dr Philip Stiles

Senior Lecturer in Corporate Governance

Professor David Stillwell

Professor of Computational Social Science

Simon Stockley

Teaching Fellow

Dr Jan Storgårds

Visiting Research Fellow and Mentor at Accelerate Cambridge

Professor Neil Stott

Management Practice Professor of Social Innovation

Dr Simon Taylor

Director of the Master of Finance Programme

Professor Peter Williamson

Professor of International Management

Dr Eden Yin

University Associate Professor in Marketing

Jonah Zankl

PhD candidate

Bryan Zheng Zhang

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Dr Jin Zhang

University Associate Professor in International Business

Tania Ziegler

Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance