Cambridge Public Policy Seminar: Expert judgements and group decisions

21 February 2013, 1pm


Speaker: Professor Mark Burgman

February 21, 1pm.

Venue: Room 119, Department of Politics and International Studies, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge (map)


"Risk analysis is characterised by conflicting objectives, large numbers of poorly understood threats and urgent decisions with contentious, substantial national and international ramifications. Expert judgment is pervasive and serves a range of activities including risk assessment, reporting to local and international regulators and stakeholders, and operational and strategic decision making. In this talk, I will draw on examples from conservation biology where some relevant data sets are extensive, few are complete and most are inadequate or absent entirely. My presentation will describe the results of collaborations with Bill Sutherland on alternative approaches to group decisions, and how expert judgments contribute to these decisions. Some of the strengths and weaknesses of cost-effectiveness analysis, multicriteria analysis and voting are explored together with their implications for social choices."


These seminars bring together a diverse range of individuals from the humanities as well as social and natural sciences to discuss the public policy implications of their work and research.

Each talk will last 25-30 minutes and will be followed by open discussion.

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Professor Mark Burgman

Imperial College London