Towards a British Ecosystems Services Policy

20 April 2017, 4pm


CSaP Policy Workshop: Towards a British Ecosystems Services Policy

20 April 2017
CHAIR: Dame Helen Ghosh, Director General, The National Trust
After Brexit, funding for agriculture will have tougher competition. It will become increasingly critical to demonstrate that government funds paid to land holders generate clear social value in order to compete with demands for funding for health, education and social services.
Download the workshop report here.

The objective of a British Ecosystem Services Policy would be to deliver the greatest total value of ecosystem services from the land, taking account of both marketed and non-marketed outputs. What might a policy to pay farmers for the delivery of ecosystem services look like?

CSaP is working with Professor Ian Hodge in the Department of Land Economy at Cambridge to bring together policy professionals from government with representatives from farming associations and industries, academic experts and other relevant stakeholders to discuss this important issue.

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Attendance at this event is by invitation only. For more information, please email Jackie Ouchikh: jackie.ouchikh@csap.cam.ac.uk.

Banner Image: Countryside by Sean MacEntee

Craig Bennett

The Wildlife Trusts

Professor Ian Hodge

Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Dr Diane Mitchell

National Farmers Union

Dame Helen Ghosh

Balliol College, University of Oxford