Dr Alaa Shehabi

Deputy Director, Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London (UCL)


The RELIEF Centre is a centre for research and learning focused on inclusive growth and prosperity. It is about the prosperity of Lebanon in particular, but it is also part of a larger agenda for developing sustainable ways to improve the quality of life of people throughout the world. In every country in the world, the means and mechanisms to turn the wealth our economies generate into prosperity, and to share the benefits of that prosperity more evenly across all social groups, is severely lacking. This is one of the major challenges for future global prosperity. The RELIEF Centre brings Lebanese and UK institutions and expertise together to address this challenge.

Ala'a is Deputy Director at the Institute for Global Prosperity and Data Manager at the RELIEF Centre. She is responsible for the Data Management Strategy and IP Protocols of the RELIEF Centre. She oversees and supports the collation, analysis, management and visualisation of research data, sharing and dissemination of data between researchers in the UK and Lebanon. She has a PhD in Econometrics from Imperial College London and has worked in the modelling team at RAND Europe, and as a senior researcher at the Work Foundation, Lancaster University where she researched health needs of workers in Lebanon. She is also currently an ILO Migration Journalism Fellow.