Dr Alex Hagen-Zanker

Lecturer in Infrastructure Systems at University of Surrey

Lecturer in Infrastructure Systems, University of Surrey

Dr Alex Hagen-Zanker is Lecturer in Infrastructure Systems at the University of Surrey. He was previously a Research Associate in the University of Cambridge, working on the Energy Efficient Cities Initiative. His main research interest in this project and beyond was to study the dynamics of urban and natural landscapes using spatial simulation and quantitative analysis.

Since 2000 he has worked as a researcher and consultant on model integration and development in various specific domains including transport, land use, regional science, geomorphology, ecology and hydrology. This work took place at the Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (in Maastricht, the Netherlands) in projects commisioned by national and international institutes, including the National Environmental Assessment Agency, the National Institute for Coastal Zone and Marine Management, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission Joint Research Centre as well as several projects within research frameworks of the European Union.

His doctoral research on concepts and methods for the validation of spatial models was done in parallel with the development of the Map Comparison Kit for the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The software, methods and concepts are increasingly finding applications beyond the original purpose of model validation.

Alex has previously been a visiting researcher at the Urban Planning Group at Eindhoven Technical University, investigating new approaches to descriptive modelling of urban change processes on a personal grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.