Dr Amy Guo

Lecturer in Intelligent Transport Systems at Newcastle University

Lecturer in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Newcastle University

Dr Amy Guo is a Lecturer in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University. Dr Guo's research covers ITS for Ageing Mobility, Driver Behaviour, Intelligent Vehicles and Low Carbon Transport. She is interested in monitoring and assessing driver behaviour, testing and evaluating the effectiveness of technologies in improving road safety of all road users and understanding the barriers delaying shift to electromobility. She uses both traditional and innovatove reserahc methods including direct (lab and field) observation, immersive video simulation and role play and other survey means such as focus groups, interviews and questionnaires to ensure that research is theoretically informed and empirically rigorous.

Recently she was Principal Investigator for the Capturing Hazard Awareness and Level Assignment through Eye Tracking (CHAUVET) project (2016-2017) which aims to explore whether drivers' eye movement can be used to identfy danger zones and to define the danger levels. She was Lead-Researcher on In-Vehicle Technologies and Driver Behaviour at Newcastle University (2009-2015) where she completed a project on older drivers; part of the wider Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy (SiDE) project. In March 2014, Amy was invited as a transport expert to the UK Parliament's Transport Select Commitee to provide professional views on ageing mobility.

She is a reviewer of various journals in transport research, is winner of the RCUK's Telling Tales of Engagement Competition (2013). She holds a PhD in Evaluation of Future Traveller Information Systems and an MSc in Transport Engineering and Operations.

  • 22 February 2017

    Future of mobility

    The Government Office for Science, is undertaking a Foresight Project on the Future of Mobility. This project will bring together cutting-edge academic research, industry expertise and policy making to consider the future transport landscape. The project will work with policy makers to consider what this evidence base means for policy development in this area. Further to this, by assessing and prioritising key trends in mobility, a set of future scenarios wil be developed and their consequences analysed. Among other themes, the project will examine the social and demographic drivers changing the future transport landscape.